• Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)
  • Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)
  • Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)
Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)

, Solar, Hybrid and Connected

This module is equipped with an adapter and is suitable for Paris lamps purchased before March 1, 2019.
For all Paris lamps purchased after this date, the appropriate module is the "Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris, Petite, Parade)".

Module B delivers 300 Lumens and provides up to 10 hours of uniform and warm light.

It can be charged in the sun or with a USB dock in case of bad weather.

Connected, it is equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows, thanks to an Android and IOS mobile application, remote control and programming.

This module is compatible with the Paris, Petite and Parade lamps.

Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)
by Maiori Design

Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1)

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118,00 €


Solar Hybrid Module B (Paris v1) in details
Width20 cm
Height8.2 cm
Weight0.6 Kg
Autonomy4-10 hours
Charging Time6 hours
Lifetime1000 Cycles
Colour Temperature2700°K
Charging Time USB (1.5A)6 hours

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This Bluetooth technology allows you to control up to 100 lamps at the same time on the following criteria: forced / automatic lighting, lights out, intensity control, planning hours.

Wireless and autonomous, handle your MAIORI lamps according to your desires.


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