Big Garden in a minimum footprint. Go vertical. If you have 0.3 square meters of floor space, you have a garden, it is that simple, meet Greens, by Maiori Design. Designed as a simple drip watering system, Greens allows water to flow from top to bottom, eliminating water paddles and overwatering, ideal for interior spaces. Need a temporal garden? Just disassemble Greens, it all fits stacked in the space of one pot. Bring your garden with you, or dress up any event, with minimum hassle. Greens Vertical Garden System is modular, which means endless combinations of heights and colours are possible. From one simple balcony wall to a big perimeter, just plug & play Greens to suit your garden and space needs, or desires...

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Maiori Design

Maiori Design Studio - A curated multicultural team of in-house designers, technicians, crafting specialists and engineers, Maiori Design Studio is the core of both the brand and the R&D facilities where they feel at home. This group of industrial design maestros works on a collaborative platform where every part has critical input, the studio can output designs that are optimize for industrialization. Over the years, the studio has develop a focus on simple, innovative, versatile and sustainable pieces made with precision and attention to detail. In charge of all design and development for the brand, our team also consults external projects.