How long does the solar module charge?

In Automatic mode, the solar module's battery automatically charges itself under the sun for a period of 5 hours. Position the solar panel towards the sun to optimize the charge.

Note: All of our solar lampsmust really be exposed to the sun to be able to charge for a better result. It will work better from :

April to August when the sun reaches the vertical allowing the lamps/modulesto recharge in a straight position and specially during the brightest hoursbetween 10 am to 3 pm.

During the other month of the year, as the sun does not reach the vertical, if you still want to have a decent utilization, you need then to position the lamps/modulestowards the sun at the brightest time.

In order to do that and for an easier handling, the module can be removed from La Lamp PARIS, PETITE, POSE I, II, III and beexposed by itself under the sun.

After a long period of storage, what is the handling to optimize the module?

After a long storage period, turn the button OFF and place the module under direct sunlight for a full day to fully charge the battery.

How many hours can I hope for brightness?

Depending on the modules and for a full recharge, you can expect:

between 3.5 and 9 hours of lighting depending on the intensity (low, medium, high) for the PARIS, PETITE and PARC modules

5 hours of lighting depending on the setting for the MINI module

How to force the lighting of my lamp?

If you want to light your lamp before the night falls or in an environment with other light sources, you can force the lamp on by continuously pressing the round button for 3 seconds.

How do I activate the automatic mode on my lamp?

The module is equipped with a light sensor that allows the module to be turned on automatically as soon as the ambient brightness declines. To select this mode, turn the knob to the ON position. The module will turn on automatically when night falls.

How do I adjust the intensity of my module?

To adjust the intensity of your module, press the round button one, two or three times for low, medium or high illumination.

How switch off my lamp?

To turn off your lamp, press the OFF button on your module.

Does the module recharge even if the lamp is off?

Yes the module recharges continuously as soon as it is in the sun.

My module no longer lights up, what to do?

If your module does not light up, do the following test: place your module in the direction of the sun for a period of 5 hours. Once charged, force the light of your lamp by pressing continuously for 3 seconds on the button that regulates the intensity.

What to do with my lamp in winter ?

Our lamp collection has been designed for outdoor use and is resistant to all weather conditions. In winter you can perfectly leave it outside.

I broke my module, what can I do?

The module alone is redeemed on our website.

What is the power of my lamp?

All our lamps have a power of 300 lumens, except the lampe POSE which have a power of 100 lumens.