Paris Tray
by Maiori Design

39,00 €

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Paris Tray, This Transforms La Lampe Paris

Stable, durable, easy to install and all-round clever, the Paris Tray converts La Lampe Paris into an auxiliary table which sits perfectly next to your seating or as standalone. The Paris Tray is made of a single piece of aluminium and finished with epoxy paint, which makes it sturdy and weather resistant. Design to fit tightly on La Lampe Paris, it wont move or wobble, plus its textured finishing provides enough grip for glassware and other objects to stay put.

Paris Tray in details
Width25 cm
Height1 cm
Depth35 cm
Weight0.7 Kg
FinishingPowder Coated Paint
Designed By Maiori Design
Maiori Design

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