La Lampe Phare
by Maiori Design

540,00 €

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La Lampe Phare, Maestro’s Work

La Lampe Phare is a fully autonomous, floating solar powered garden lamp that brings light whenever you are, and yes, even in the middle of the ocean. Easier said that done. A warm-blooded amphibian, on the water, La Lampe Phare will light up instinctively by the blue hour to spice up the night swimmer and pool bystander. Out of the water, and on its stand, Phare will work as a garden light like no other does. A disk or our emblematic aluminum T6 containing a 300 lumen solar autonomous lighting unit, embracing a striking torus shaped teakwood piece, La Lampe Phare bonds craftsmanship, advanced technology and sustainability. _

La Lampe Phare in details
Width34 cm
Height30 cm
Depth34 cm
Weight3.5 Kg
Autonomy4-10 hours
Charging Time6 hours
Lifetime1000 Cycles
Charging Time USB (1.5A)6 hours
Designed By Maiori Design
Maiori Design

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